Teach Me (Elaborated)


“And the seeds we’ll plant will be even deeper & more meaningful than ‘political views’. Teach me how to conquer self, lead unselfishly..teach me that even my life is not my own. Teach me to love my brothers & sisters whom I see every day just as much as I love God and cannot physically see. Teach me how to show genuine love to those who plot on my downfall. Teach me how to break hate with constant acts of love. Teach me that giving in secret & without expecting anything in return is more pleasing to God than praises from man. Teach me to glorify God in everything that I do.”@tye_remone

I’d call it ideal. Someone keeping you accountable not only because it’s what they believe in but also because they care and foresee a greater you, often times greater than you see in yourself in those short-coming moments. What man can turn his back? What man can hide negative intent from his backbone? Teach me how to overcome myself. With every flaw shown instead of having an “ah ha moment”, you chose to show me a road of progression. Pessimism is not of your nature. Even in our lowest of times my heart won’t allow me to abandon you. You are an advocate of my good. How dare I find a second to ask who sent you? You constantly guide me to good soil. And in those natural times that we’re not on the same ground, grant me only a moment for the love you’ve sown in the past to manifest, to correct my love in the present, and rejuvenate ours. You understand how I thrive. Keep your concrete valuables, they refuse to cultivate anything within me. Give me a part of you that’s a daily battle to keep alive in myself, faith that I can exist in being my greatest self.

“Chase of Fulfillment”

 What’s really stopping you?

The reason why fulfillment often feels so close is because it’s already a part of us. When I think of fulfillment, I link it with completion, joy and peace that no man can understand. The only thing that’s between that is ourselves. It can be mind boggling how difficult it can sometimes be for us to get the motivation we need, to reach the heights we’re suppose to reach. Faced to face with truth, sometimes not even that is enough. I’ve always been the conservative type: reserved, patient, and the last to speak unless there is something of quality to speak on. Even then, I’m believing in order  to swing my way so that my voice is not only heard, but I’m being aligned with available ears. Stillness is the best teacher of spiritual order. However, if I don’t feel one with my time to be heard, I’m intuitively content with it simply not being my divine moment to do so. I’ve grown to understand “where I want to be”or the heights I want to reach, simply doesn’t exist. I’d be settling, because in every level there’s progression. Continue to chase, continue to climb.


Love Full Circle

Lately I’ve been on a journey of fulfillment. Fulfillment as in finding joy in being the whole person, seeing peace in every bad situation, and finding pleasure in every basic aspect of life that goes unnoticed. It has took plenty of trial and self examination to understand how day to day accustoms, unbalanced relationships, and our own desires can unexpectedly lead us to overshadowing life’s simplicities. My vow was to simply remove them from my high priority list. Easier said right? Well what I’ve realized is that the more attention I dismissed from myself, the more positive energy I began releasing to others. There were a few areas where I lacked producing love, which ultimately made it impossible for love to come back full circle towards myself. The word of God would nudge my spirit at every idled moment.

If a person says, “I love God,” but hates his brother, he is a liar. If a person does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God Whom he has not seen? -1 John 4:20

He knew my heart was fixed on the act of genuinely giving & compassion, so what better foundation to build that platform on than from love? God went before me to allow “chaos”, only for it to be sliced through with confessions of mercy from my lips. He lifted up a standard against it. The act of compassion overthrew the absence of love, rebirthing it. The amount of love experienced through life is a reflection of the love your heart conveys. It was obvious. While taking steps to move in unfamiliar places, God showed me first hand, “Love conquers all“.Take leaps to express love, and love will take leaps to declare itself to you.Totally dependent on the adoration that flows through me, I’m completley unrattled by anything contrast to it.- Love Full Circle




Never once did I utter “Im perfect”. So cliche right? However when you know your worth, your presence creates an atmosphere of substance. It can be difficult for some to grasp that confidence, how you move with a demeanor as if you’ve lived & experienced this life before. It will lead you to a place to which you discover your worth. This revelation alone is like a lead on life itself. When you put character & integrity at the forefront, as a foundation over your life along with God’s love & mercy, no matter what & how much dirt you’ve accumulated it
will NEVER define the true you. You will not allow it to influence everything God has created you to be. Does this mean you won’t fall victim to
mistakes, sin, & ungodly activity? No, but you won’t wear it on your
shoulders, giving it victory over your life.

A scripture asks “Who am I that you are mindful of me?” The human creation has a natural instinct to misjudge our own worth. But with Christ we are a reborn soul, already equipped with the tools necessary to be conquers over our number 1 enemy… Ourselves.
Over a period of time peculiarness takes it’s toll, you becoming more intriguing and set apart. Others will observe but the only thing that they’ll be able to put a mark on is a mystique soul. The fact behind so many finding interest is because of you understanding what’s important, and knowing that it’s deeper than exterior gain. Continue to carry yourself in a manner to the point your hidden in truth and authenticity. Create standards that you & humanity may desire. Show everything that will glorify our father. Live a life to be see through.

It may even seem boastful to some that don’t understand, but it’s purely the intangibles of the faith you posses in THEE God that you chose to put before you. Make it ritual to show as many flaws as necessary for the growth of yourself and others. See transparency as art, no filters.
Understand that you don’t have to allow struggles, physically or spiritually, to weigh you down. When God forgives you it’s a pardon he
won’t hold it against you. Don’t allow your atmosphere to bring you down due to the lack of knowing Gods love. Sin abounds yes, but Grace abounds more. The mind has to be receptive to that revelation. Acknowledge God in all your ways, admit your faults. Without honesty & accountability, we stunt our own growth.

All roads lead to growth. If you truly witness your heart yearning for change daily, then your beg for forgiveness is pure enough to believe you’re not taking advantage of his mercy.


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“Dear Me, Dear Conqueror”

[The following is written during a time of great depression of being blinded by logics, failure, sin, and sadness of lost loved ones. I, John, was so determined to not feel what I was going through again, that I wrote a letter to myself warning me. This is a sincere letter from the present me (at that current time of darkness) to the future me (overcomer of darkness).]

Dear me, Dear Conqueror

I’m speaking to you from one of the dryest places I’ve seen in my life. Take heed to this reminder to never allow yourself to enter this dark desert again if it be up to you. My faith isn’t the strongest, and I get angry at the place I’m in. Questioning God has become repetitive and I’ve even found myself angry at him. I feel useless. My safe place is an image of me being the unknown, In the darkest corner of this world completely forgotten of. My love ones see the place that I’m In and because they care say things like “God will never leave you nor forsake you.” And even though this is a promise i usually can stand firm on no matter what, it doesn’t penetrate. I feel I’m in too deep. Motivation of His word is pure but this darkness persuades the truth to make it a cliche of a “Caring world”, so my thoughts reject it immediately like a forwarded chain message. I’m desperate for answers yelling at God while drowning in tears “You have to pull me through!”It’s just no use. I’m at a place confused of which path to take. Should I Keep striving for a “dream” that I believe Im spiritually equipped for or take the more logical approach & strive for the “Success” measured by this world? It seems people applaud me when sharing the more logical goals but discretely gives insincere flattery when boldly unveiling my true desires for my life. I check myself and wonder. Is it a bit of an overreaction when I notice what i recognize as flattery, or is this purely a lack of confidence I have in myself to attain these desires?

I can remember the intimacy in Christ, hearing his voice and walking hand in hand with him daily in peace, feelings of what I believe was the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart as I slept, visions he would pour into me in another realm and intuitively speaking to my soul. There is no greater feeling… But this?! This is nothing like the precious voice of God. I yearn for the intimacy we had. I feel alone in my trial and that he doesn’t love me nor hear me. If I don’t quickly recognize and have faith that I was built for this path and no one could do it better, I don’t know what’s next. I would give almost anything to be who and where you are right now in life…perhaps life itself. And although I’d never take it, I’ve sincerely asked God to. I’m hurting but deep down hope resides.

Im confident in knowing his mercy has finally pulled you from the fire. Whatever you have hold on to it, stay close to God and use his word in every aspect of your life. Keep in mind when your disconnected its a fight to get back. Cherish his voice, abide in his shadow and provoke intimacy. Never take for granted his presence, neither the simplicities of your life. Please don’t come back. I know your curious to know how some could seem content without God being the forehead of their life and still “seem” fine. Well the only thing to know is You need Christ…Personally YOU need Christ to survive. I wanna be where u are right now and theres enough faith now to say i will. Im Confident in this fire allowed being a test to strengthen my character. Emptiness should never be a part of your life again. There is a God in you that’s powerful. Love yourself, forgive yourself even when no one else will. Know that Gods love is everlasting and he doesn’t hold anything over your head. Your special in the eyes of Christ. In the hopes of you overcoming this present moment and reading this I guess he’s proclaimed you MORE than a conqueror. God loves you.

Respectfully You,

John D.

“Karma in July”

It could be Karma but I’m tired of being drug through dirt and not treated fairly because of my past decisions. It doesn’t give her the right to abuse the one she loves with attitude, frustration, dishonesty and mostly loving halfheartedly…but She said she forgives…it could be Karma.

I sit back and take indirect abuse because of conviction for what I’ve done in the past and believe that somewhere down the line her neglect will catch up to my past neglect , she’ll bring it to a tie and we can well…call it a draw of pain and start back truly loving. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that…It could be Karma.In the midst of the heartache I make my mind up that I’m not going to take no sh**t anymore, but at the end of the day my heart softens because I ride on false hopes and do what I think is best for me. I stop and think, I’ve done her wrong…it could be karma.

But where is the person that knew how it felt for their significant other to steadily hurt them? Did I do such a thing to cause someone to loose their conscience and morals? Its not all bad but I can’t continue to carry her scale of unforgiveness on my back or maybe I can consider it karma and bite the bullet that I deserve to be catapulted at me. I’m all about moving forward, but i can’t control anyone else but me and that’s a task within itself. What will change before it gets worse or do we fall apart? Will I stand firm to what is right in my eyes or be overthrown by the reincarnated me in her?